At Power Queen, we're always thrilled to hear about our customers experiences using our Power Queen lifepo4 batteries in their home solar systems. Today, we're sharing a story from one such customer Frank Roß, who decided to take on the challenge of building his own solar system. Let’s dive in to Frank’s home energy back-up solar system solution.

Tasks of the solar system (half-island system)

- Complete self-sufficiency of the 2-family house

- E-car charging from April to October

- Drinking water heating (300 litres)

- Completely manual control without internet possible (in case of blackout)

power queen diy home solar system

Bill of materials (not complete) of the installed equipment

  • 11 x EPever 10420 AN charge controllers
  • 11 x MT 50 displays
  • 4 x Powerqueen LiFePo4 12.8V 410Ah (21kWh)
  • 4 x Powerqueen LiFePo4 12.8V 240 Ah (12kWh)
  • 10 x Sunpower 12V Lead Acid Battery 270Ah (32.4kWh > 16kWh usable)
  • 23 x 415W Trina Vertex solar panels (13kWp)
  • 3 panel arrays (1x South-facing, 1x Southeast-facing, 1x Southwest-facing) for maximum yield
    3 x Giandel 4kW / 12V/220V inverters

power queen 12.8v lifepo4 lithium battery

Construction of the Battery Banks

12V in parallel connection.

Advantages: Individual monitoring of the individual batteries possible, required technology very inexpensive.

power queen 12V battery connect in series

Function of the battery banks:

12V lead-gel battery bank supplies house, drinking water storage and is additionally supplied by (bad weather, high energy demand) additionally supplied by LiFePo4 battery banks.

The reason why the lead-gel battery bank is designed for high peak current is due to its intended use

LiFePo4 battery banks can be connected directly (manually) via sufficiently dimensioned cables.

(Attention! Only possible if the lead acid battery is at 80% charge level (LiFePo4 resting voltage 13.3 > Lead Acid 12.7V)

Home Supply:

3 circuits in 3-phase operation via mains power with 3 emergency switches for solar operation (solar operation only through light current > Caution > Restrictions with e.g. electric stove usage).

Caution: The system is not designed as a zero-injection or feed-in system! The power grid must always be switched off or over the zero position!

Charging Electric Car

A separate inverter + 21kWh battery is used to charge the electric car (excess energy).

Drinking Water Tank

The same system as for the electric car (excess energy) is used for the drinking water tank (optional summer solution).

diy home solar system

Winter Operations and Possible Blackout

In winter, the system can be fully charged indirectly using the generator and chargers at 3.5KW in 10-12 hours, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the house for at least 24 hours.

With 4x60L gasoline cans, autonomy can be ensured for at least 2 months.

Video about Frank's Home Solar System 

frank how do I diy my own home solar system

 Frank Roß


Thank for Frank sharing his solar system.

If you also want to build your own solar system, Power Queen will always be there to provide you reliable LiFePO4 batteries.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact, we will always help you.